Roger Payne is Guest Moderator at FiRe Technology Conference

This past week Ocean Alliance President and founder Roger Payne was in Laguna Beach, California as a guest moderator at the 13th Annual Future in Review (FiRe) Conference. Called “The Best Technology Conference in the World” by The Economist, FiRe brings together leaders from technology, energy, the environment, education and the economy to forge new partnerships and new ideas for a better future. Speakers included executives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Oracle, journalists, scientists and environmentalists.

FiRe ConferenceMany topics discussed at the FiRe Conference focused on using technology for the greater good. Conversations ranged from “Is the Net at Risk? Neutrality, Censorship, and Governance” to “Using Technology to Reduce Human Trafficking.” Roger was invited to help moderate a session called “Saving the Biggest Brains in Washington – The Orca Whale Protection Zone.”

This FiRe video featuring Roger Payne gives you a glimpse inside the conference: