Jane Goodall and Chimp - Photo by Michael NeugebauerRoger

Forty-three years ago Roger Payne built a shelter on the beach at Peninsula Valdes in Argentina to study the southern right whale. At the same time, Jane Goodall was living in the jungles of Tanzania studying her chosen species –  the chimpanzee. Each feared for the survival of their study subject and both have worked continuously since then to educate the world about conservation.  For the first time in their careers, as they each approach their 80th birthdays, these two icons of the environmental movement will be coming together. Roger and Jane will be traveling to our Whale Camp to experience living with the southern right whales together in the very camp Roger built. The event will be captured by a documentary film team led by director Boy Olmi as part of his film The Sea and the Jungle, Water and Earth, Man and Woman. Our partners from Instituto de Conservacion de Ballenas (ICB) will be joining them to coordinate and manage the event.

Watch them meet live on October 27th at 3:00 pm EDT at our livestream link.