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Operation Toxic Gulf 2014 Has Concluded

The at-sea portion of Operation Toxic Gulf 2014, our joint campaign with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has concluded. We have had five productive summers in the Gulf of Mexico but the work is not over, just as the effects of this disaster are not over. We will continue our efforts on land with data analysis lead by the Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology. Thank you to all of our supporters & crew from around the world–what an amazing team & amazingly productive campaign we’ve had. –Iain Kerr, Odyssey Gulf of Mexico Expeditions Leader {in review}

Our Published Papers of the Gulf of Mexico Expeditions

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To review other publications please go here:

A summary of some of our findings:

  • 349 biopsies collected from 4 species of whales (300+ from sperm whales)
  • Encountered more than 12 whale species (including dolphins)
  • Multiple biopsy’s collected from one of the most endangered whale species in the Gulf–Bryde’s whale
  • Wise Laboratory and OA team first ever to culture whale cells at sea
  • First-ever mammalian cell culture laboratory on a sailboat—and possibly first at sea – More than 80 cell lines grown by the Wise Laboratory team.
  • First team to culture Bryde’s whale cells
  • Over five years we have found whales from as far west as the Texas/Louisiana border, all along the continental shelf to the deep water off the Dry Tortugas Fl.
  • Over 500 expedition stories, blogs, scientific updates posted from the high seas
  • Thousands of photographs taken and hundreds of hours of video
  • Drs. Kerr and Wise presented findings at nine conferences over 5 years, including AAAS (American Academy for the Advancement of Science).
  • Iain Kerr spoke at World Energy Day at United Nations 2013
  • Over 100 people from 7 countries crewed on our Gulf expeditions
  • 3 Public presentations on our findings in Pensacola
  • Very productive collaboration with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society