Paint Factory Chimney CapThe Paint Factory chimney has received a temporary  cap for the winter. This week Geoffrey Richon and his team worked with Ocean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr to place a protective box over the top of the iconic chimney to protect the structure from ice damage. Next spring the scaffolding will go up to begin repairs on the chimney, but since cracks were discovered at the top using our robotic helicopter SnotBot, it was decided that another winter could cause extensive damage. The day started out blustery and rainy (as seen in the crane shot), making the project a challenge, but eventually the skies cleared and winds calmed.

Chimney Cap CraneOcean Alliance purchased the Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory in 2008 with a grant from the Annenberg Foundation and continue the restoration project to create a research, education and conservation center with offices, labs and public spaces. Working in a historic structure requires creative solutions. The silhouette may have changed for now, but the goal is to preserve the landmark for generations to come.