The team at the U.N.

Delegates from the United Nations were educated about the state of the oceans yesterday, as activists including Ocean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr gathered for World Energy Day. In a session called “A Vision for A Sustainable World” organized by Parley for the Oceans, the speakers included Paul Watson and representatives from Sea Shepherd Society, Louis Psihoyos from the Ocean Preservation Society and “The Cove,” Daniella Russo and Dianna Cohen, founders of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Lewis Perkins from Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and Ghislaine Maxwell, founder of the Terramar Project.

The talks ranged from issues like CO2 in the oceans, overfishing and plastic pollution, with Kerr focusing on the inescapable problem of bio-persistent toxins in the oceans. He was encouraged to be able to speak directly to representatives from nations visited by the RV Odyssey and present data about the state of their waters.

It was a day of new alliances and Kerr is feeling energized by the inspiring work being done on behalf of the oceans.

(Pictured above from left – Louis Psihoyos from OPS and “The Cove,” Susan Hartland from Sea Shepherd, Farrah Smith from Sea Shepherd, Iain Kerr from Ocean Alliance, Lisa Agabian from Sea Shepherd, Alex Cornelissen from Sea Shepherd and “Whale Wars”)