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Dear Friends,

From space the Earth is blue. That’s because the seas cover 71% of it.

Ours should be called planet “Ocean,” not planet “Earth.”

Patrick &  CrewOf the thousands of organizations working to save nature, only a small fraction focuses on the sea. A group tackling one of the most unglamorous but dire issues for ocean life – pollution – is Ocean Alliance, which is why I have supported their work for the past 22 years. It is Ocean Alliance that made the first global survey of how polluted the oceans have become. Their work shows that human activities now threaten not just life on land but ocean life as well. Ship strikes, captivity, entanglements, commercial whaling – all of these are threats to healthy whale populations and deserve our attention, but it is pollution that could lead to extinction.

Knowledge is the basis of all intelligent action, so Ocean Alliance takes the time to learn enough about the creatures it protects to make sure that its actions, whatever they may be, will be what is most needed and most effective. Ocean Alliance doesn’t strike at the branches of global problems; it strikes at the roots.

I hope you will join me in supporting this little-known group, for times are tough, and it is now up to individuals like you and me to help organizations like Ocean Alliance continue their critically important work.

My very best wishes for the holiday season.

And thank you.

Patrick Stewart



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Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico - Photo by Eliza MuirheadThis week the news spread around the world that a study is linking a  lung disease found in some dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico to the BP Oil Spill in 2010. The NOAA-led study was published on Dec. 18, 2013 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. BP is disputing the results, read the full story here.

Ocean Alliance is currently working to raise funds to return to the Gulf next summer for our fifth year following up on the disaster. Read about our research in the Gulf  and this year’s Operation Toxic Gulf partnership with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


Roger Payne Attends Marine Mammal Conference in NZ

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2013 Marine Mammal Conference PosterFor the last forty years, every two years, marine mammal scientists and educators and other interested parties from around the world get together the Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals. There are specialized training workshops, discussion groups, a video night along with the regular oral presentations and poster presentations on everything from pollution to captivity. Read More

Putting the Data We Collect Into Context – By Iain Kerr

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Odyssey Gulf Sunset Window - Photo by Eliza MuirheadFrom 2000 to 2005 Ocean Alliance sent the research vessel Odyssey around the world.  We collected literally mountains of data, taking skin and blubber biopsies from sperm whales that we continue analyze.  Just last month our scientific partners at the Wise Laboratory at the University of Southern Maine published a paper based on this data: “A Global Assessment of Oceanic Lead Pollution using Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) as an Indicator Species.” Read More


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2013 has been a very productive and diverse year. Our primary goal, to protect whales and their ocean environment has never been more important or imperative so we cannot thank you enough for supporting our programs.

To counter the diverse challenges facing whales and our oceans we have made significant leaps forward with both old and new programs in 2013.  Following are a few highlights: Read More


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Sea Shepherd at Paint FactoryMembers of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, including founder Captain Paul Watson, paid a visit to our headquarters, the Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory in Gloucester, MA this weekend. The stars of the Animal Planet series “Whale Wars” had a tour of the facility and paid a visit to local businesses and restaurants during their stay, attracting quite a bit of attention on Main Street where the locals recognized and welcomed them to Gloucester. Read More