Ocean Alliance New Headquarters

“I am delighted to help Ocean Alliance preserve this landmark for Gloucester and our nation. Its restoration is a clear example of how historic properties can be saved for community use. With a research institute in this space, the citizens of Gloucester and our country will benefit from expanded knowledge of our most important resource—water. It is a privilege to be a part of American history.”
– Wallis Annenberg, The Annenberg Foundation

With a generous grant from the Annenberg Foundation, Ocean Alliance purchased the iconic Paint Manufactory in Gloucester and has now begun the cleanup and remediation phase of this restoration project for its new headquarters!

Ocean Alliance, like the City of Gloucester, has its origins in the bounty and fauna of the sea. Its new headquarters in the historic Tarr and Wonson Paint Factory will enable Ocean Alliance to reconnect with its history, leverage its legacy, and prove itself a long-term asset to the City of Gloucester, metropolitan Boston, and New England.